Comprehensive Reports That Cover the Depth of the Convenience Retail Market

Get access to the five convenience market and shopper reports using the data from the UK’s largest shopper study.


Get access to the following market and shopper reports

Future of Convenience Report

We take a futuristic look at the key trends to impact convenience in the coming year and beyond. For each, we will look at the importance of the trend, what the trend means for the convenience sector, best-in-class examples of this trend in action and key ways in which suppliers and retailers can act on this trend and maximise its potential. Some of the trends that we explored in 2019 were plant-based eating, responsible retailing, technology and sustainability. The report is a 360° look into the convenience market, where we combine shopper and consumer trends with opinions of the industry leaders to bring you the full picture.

Release date: 14th February 2020

Release date: 28th February 2020 

Forecourt Market Report

This report takes a detailed look at the forecourt channel and the evolution of shopper and market trends. Using our convenience market database, we focus on shopper conversations taking place in forecourts, which allows us to compare and contrast their behaviour with the wider convenience channel. 

This report can be used as a tool to understand the opportunities in forecourts, how shopping behaviours are different, and how they have changed compared to last year as well as understand the major players in the sector.

Convenience Market Report

This is your definitive guide into the world of convenience grocery. The reports looks at turnover and outlet growth rates, future forecasts, the biggest players, their share and growth, as well as the shoppers, missions and drivers that provide the greatest prospects for success. 

Additionally, we look at longer-term trends to compare how changes in this year’s study fit into the bigger picture of changing shopper demands. This report also contains insight from our strongest ever Forecourt sample size, allowing us to compare and contrast different convenience channels, e.g. symbols, multiples, forecourts and independents.

Release date: 29th May 2020 

Release date: 07th August 2020 

Convenience Hot Topics of the Year

Every year we will do a deep dive in to a Hot Topics in the convenience market, the areas that we will explore will be dictated by the latest trends and your requests. To pull the report together we will use our extensive insights library based on our 20,000 face to face shopper interviews, as well as 12,000 online shopper surveys. Previous deep dives have included shopper mission management, convenience shopper segmentation and making food on the go work in convenience.

Retail Concepts To Watch

On a quarterly basis, we bring to you most interesting and noteworthy retail concepts to watch. We focus on innovative retailing and operators that execute well on some of the emerging trends in the grocery retail market. We look at the independent retail sector, as well as large national multiples, and bring together elements of retailing that stand out from the crowd. This is a perfect opportunity to stay up to date with the latest concepts and have a chance to debate those with your peers.

Release date: quarterly at the debrief sessions

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